Better Maps

Actually each of the 130 Causes of Form should be verbally and pictorially illustrated by several known and speculative examples, accompanied by explanatory and critical notes. I've only made a tiny beginning at this far more ambitious effort...

Two other things I was dissatisfied with above were the dependence of the mapping upon just two variables and the confinement of the mapping to an arbitrary 33-item subset of the full set of 130 variables in Table 1.

Although time and means still keep me from mapping all 130, especially based on any direct weighting of all to all, I have taken this work a bit further by using 4 rather than just 2 variables in the role of inverted scalors, and by mapping the entire 130, not in a single great map - which could not have been reproduced here in any case - but rather as a triptych of maps, that are equipped with a bit of cross-referential overlap in the subsets of variables they treat to enable some conjectural intermapping of the three to be done in one's head. (See Figures 5-7.)

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