Table of 106 'Things with - and Examples of Paths'

  1. Air molecule.
  2. Animal in woods.
  3. Army negotiating or maneuvering on terrain.
  4. Arrow in flight.
  5. Ascending pre-volcanic magma.
  6. Baby exiting womb.
  7. Ball lightning.
  8. Biochemical processes.
  9. Blood vessel, blood, lymphocyte.
  10. Bouncing sandstorm particle.
  11. Brownian particle.
  12. Bullet richocheting in roomette.
  13. Bureaucratic question or decision.
  14. Catastrophic failure path in a bridge.
  15. Celestial, terrestrial, or geomagnetic meridian; great or small circle; line of longitude or latitude; equator.
  16. Closed psychophysical boundary of object in vision.
  17. Cloud crossing firmament.
  18. Cloud street, "anomalous cloud lines".
  19. Cosmic primordial microwave blackbody radiation photon.
  20. Cosmic superstring (hypothetical).
  21. Cross references in encyclopedia.
  22. Detective following clues.
  23. Dispersal of galaxies due to cosmic expansion.
  24. Dollar contributed to charity.
  25. Earth's nutating axis.
  26. Electrons in television circuit.
  27. Elicited antibody.
  28. Endocytotic vesicle.
  29. Energy through the body.
  30. Fixed-point theorem circular path.
  31. Food traversing alimentary canal.
  32. Foraging butterfly.
  33. Free-radical reaction chain.
  34. Gas bubble ascending from floor to surface of deep ocean.
  35. Geographic diffusion of invention in history.
  36. Groundwater downward or lateral percolation or diffusion.
  37. Hemline.
  38. Hormone crossing human body and cell.
  39. Hot supernova plasma tunneling to surface of galactic atmosphere.
  40. House electrical wiring, plumbing, or heating ducts.
  41. Image in maximally extreme anamorphosis.
  42. Ingested toxin.
  43. Instruction emanating from genome.
  44. Kaluza-Kline microtubular hyperdimension (of 10^-34m radius; hypothetical).
  45. Lava flow.
  46. Leaking electricity.
  47. Lens-focused photon.
  48. Lifetime atmospheric meander of slowest settling dust particle.
  49. Lightning bolt.
  50. Log washing downstream.
  51. Loxodrome (rhumb line).
  52. Magnetic flux line (or wobble of?).
  53. Male stickleback fish engaged in courtship ritual.
  54. Maze.
  55. Melodic development.
  56. Meteor in the atmosphere.
  57. mineral vein (e.g., in gold mine).
  58. Motion of gene down family tree.
  59. Moving phonon.
  60. Nervous system, action potentials in the brain.
  61. Orbit of celestial body (e.g., satellite, moon, asteroid, comet, planet, or star).
  62. Palm line.
  63. Path linking remote digraph nodes.
  64. Path of a warp in twisting metal piece.
  65. 'Path' of business 'cycle'.
  66. Path of class-4 one-dimensional cellular automaton.
  67. Pathogen (ex vivo and in vivo).
  68. Pedestrian.
  69. Pen on paper.
  70. Person's life-course.
  71. Phene on family tree.
  72. Phone conversation over global telephone network.
  73. Pollen grain.
  74. Pollutant.
  75. Polmeron (hypothetical string-like elementary particle).
  76. Population spread of a mutation.
  77. Product production path in industrial plant.
  78. Propagating crystal defect.
  79. Propagating exciton or polaron.
  80. Propagating or twisting of anticline or syncline.
  81. Raindrop descending to earth.
  82. Reasoning.
  83. Route traveled by perfect "traveling salesman" (in linear programming)
  84. Rumor, breaking news.
  85. Saccadal or microsaccadal path of eye.
  86. Scientific or scholarly research.
  87. Seasonally migrating bird.
  88. Seismic wave over or through planet.
  89. Serial computation.
  90. Soliton.
  91. Sound propagating aerially between two distant points.
  92. Sperm moving from seminal vesicle to ovum.
  93. Spinal cord.
  94. Spinning top.
  95. Squaw line longitudinal development (hypothetical).
  96. Stream.
  97. String of clusters of galaxies (hypothetical).
  98. Sulphur atom in biogeochemical cycle.
  99. Technological, social, or cultural innovation.
  100. "Telescope mirage" photon.
  101. Thunderstorm.
  102. Tooth decay.
  103. Tornado.
  104. Underground root.
  105. Vehicular traffic.
  106. Yo-yo in use.