24 Ways to Treat Paths

  1. Clarify, categorize, survey, systematize, or define [THEM].
  2. Compare, analogize, or distinguish.
  3. Construct.
  4. Construct [theories, hypotheses, or conjectures] [about or involving].
  5. Criticize.
  6. [Deduce or describe] the history of.
  7. Discover the laws originating, or governing the [behavior, properties, possibilities, or uses] of.
  8. Evaluate.
  9. Exemplify or reexemplify.
  10. Experiment [upon or with] or test.
  11. Explore, examine, or perceive.
  12. Extrapolate, complete, or supplement.
  13. Generalize.
  14. Improve or perfect.
  15. Measure, quantify, or mathematicize.
  16. Model, simulate, logicize-, or conceptualize.
  17. Plan research upon.
  18. Predict.
  19. Remake, modify, transform, transelement, or define possible variations of.
  20. Reuse or use.
  21. Situate-or describe [environments, contexts, events, conditions, or circumstances] [of or involving].
  22. [Subdivide or decompose] into [parts, elements, properties, etc].
  23. Summarize, simplify, or epitomize.
  24. Verbally describe, or [discuss with or explain to] other persons.