43 Questions to ask when treating path.

  1. Where does the path START?
  2. Where does the path END?
  3. What is ALL of the path; [where, what, or how long <absolutely and relatively>] is it?
  4. Is the path FINISHED or is it still [growing, changing, evolving, or otherwise active]?
  5. Did the path have to develop as it did, or COULD IT instead [HAVE DEVELOPED in any OTHER WAY or have taken any other form]?
  6. [To what extent, in what way, and for what reason) does the path VARY IN SPACE in [<external or internal> <structure or appearance>, composition, location, environment, function, e/vc] ; and how uniform is it?
  7. [To what extent, in what way, and for what reason] does the path VARY IN TIME in [<external or internal> <structure or appearance>, composition, location, environment, function, behavior, requirements, e/vc]; and how uniform is it?
  8. Is the path ALONE or are there any other paths?
  9. Does the path BRANCH-or its branches branch?
  10. Does the path [INTERSECT or join] any OTHER PATHS?
  11. Does the path [intersect or ANASTOMOSE] ITSELF?
  12. Does the path have a GOAL or does it seem goalless?
  13. How does the path behave with respect to itself; does it INFLUENCE ITSELF?
  14. Is the path-or 'path traveling'- [AUTONOMOUS, heteronomous, or both]?
  15. What are all ABSOLUTE ways of QUANTIFYING the path?
  16. What are all RELATIVE ways of QUANTIFYING the path?
  17. Does the path have a [sharp or definite] BOUNDARY-or merely a (diffuse, ragged, approximate, or indefinite] one?
  18. What CAUSES the path; what [INFLUENCES or could influence] it; why did it ORIGINATE; what (purposes, roles, functions, values, uses, or importance] does it have?
  19. Is the path (CONTINUOUS or interrupted]?
  20. Is the path [VIRTUAL or substantial <a locus, thing, operation, or function>]?
  21. Is the path [UNIDIRECTIONAL or bidirectional]?
  22. Is the path [PERSISTENT or transient]?
  24. How does the path RESEMBLE OTHER PATHS; what paths is it analogous to?
  25. How does the path DIFFER FROM OTHER PATHS, what paths does it differ from, and how [ordinary and special] is it?
  26. What (SPECIES and GENERA of paths does the path [belong to or resemble]?
  27. What are [all other PERSPECTIVES from which the path might be seen and all the ways in which it might seem to vary]?
  28. Does the path contain INTERNAL PATHS or is it itself [contained or branched] from [LARGER OR HIGHER] PATHS?
  29. What other (co-real) paths may the path have CAUSAL relationships to?
  30. What SYSTEMS does the path belong to?
  31. Does the path belong to a [NETWORK or HIERARCHY] of paths?
  32. Is the path EXTRAPOLABLE in any useful way?
  33. What are the [rules or LAWS] of the path?
  34. What STORY does the path tell-and what EVENTS does it involve?
  35. To what SUBJECTS does the path pertain?
  36. What ORDER may the path exhibit?
  37. What PARTS does the path have-or is it partless?
  38. How SIMPLE is the path-and how COMPLEX?
  39. What are the [MERITS and DEFECTS of the path?
  40. What [IDEAS, METHODS, and PRINCIPLES] are pertinent to treatments of the given path?
  41. WHERE-and in what-ELSE might such a path occur?
  42. What is there [that IS NOT KNOWN-or that might be WORTH DISCOVERING] about the path?
  43. What ILLUSIONS may be connected with the path?