Table of 208 Universally Investigable Dimensions of Scientific Phenomena

Absolutes. [Energies or energetics].  Nonlinearities.
[Accelerations or decelerations]. Equalities.  [Null, nonexistent, or absent] aspects.
Accuracies. Equations. Number of parts.
Achievements. Equilibria.  Opportunities.
Activities. Exchanges. Opposites.
Adaptations. Exponential intricacies.  Optima or pessima.
Aftereffects. Expressions.  Orders (in sequences).
Ages. Extensions. Outputs. 
'Algebraic aspects'. External [form or forms].  Overall patterns.
Algebraic curves. Extrinsic aspects.  [Partitions or barriers].
[Alignments or orientations]. Failures.  Periodicities.
Amounts. Fields. Populations. 
Anamorphoses. Fluctuations.  'Potentials'.
[Angles or vertices]. Forces.  Preconditions.
Anisotropies. Gradients. (Probabilities or certainties].
Anlages. [Growth or evolutions].  Problems.
Antecedents. Habits. Processes.
Antisynergisms. Heterogeneities.  Products.
Arbitrary aspects. Imperfections.  Propagations.
Associations. Importances.  Ranges.
Asymmetries. Indeterminacies.  [Rates or tempi].
Autonomies. [Indexes or parameters].  [Ratios or proportions].
[Averages or norms]. Individualities.  Reactions.
[Avoidances, exclusions, preclusions, or inhibitions].  Inequalities. (Reciprocal, conjugate, or complementary] relata. 
Axes. Infinite aspects. [Redundancies or irredundancies].
Behaviors. Inputs. Regularities. 
Causes. Instabilities. Relationships.
Chains. Integrals. Relationships [between and within] levels. 
Changes. Interdependences.  Relativities.
Chronologies. Interfaces.  Requirements.
Coefficients. [Interferences, disturbances or perturbations].  Resources.
Coherences. Internal structures.  [Reverses or antiphases].
[Collimations or parallels]. Interoperations.  Risks.
Commonalities. Interpretations.  (Rotations, circularities, or rings].
Complexities. Intrinsic aspects.  [Routes or paths].
[Compresences or combinations]. Irregularities.  Rules.
[Concauses or cofactors]. Irrelevant [aspects or elements].  Scales.
Conditions. Isolations. Self-effects.
Configurations. Languages [functional, interpretive, or controlling].  Sensitivities.
Conflicts. Laws. Separations. 
Conservations. Layers. Signs.
Consignifications. [Limits or boundaries].  [Similarities or analogies).
Consiliences. Lineal (elements or aspects]  Simplicities.
Constants. Linearities. Solutions.
Constraints. [Locations,, loci, or points].  'Spaces'.
[Contents or parts]. Magnitudes.  Stabilities.
[contingencies or randomaspects]. (Maintenances or homeostases].  (Stages, steps, or progressions].
Continuities. Margins. States.
Controls. Mathematical complexities.  Statics.
Convergences. Mathematical moments.  [Stresses or strains].
Convolutions. Matrices. Successes.
[Cooperative phenomena or synergisms]? Maxima. Surfaces.
Covariations. Measures. Symmetries.
Cycles. Mechanisms. Synchronies. 
Cycle-hierarchies. (Media, means, intermediates, or vehicles].  Temporal asymmetries.
[Decays, disintegrations, or deaths]. [Mergers or coalescences].  Textures.
Degrees. Metastabilities.  'Things that contain'.
Degrees of freedom. (metrics or units).  Thresholds.
[Destinations or starts (possible inceptions)].  Migrations. Tolerances.
Details. Minima. Topologies. 
[Development or geneses]. Modalities.  [Transformations or transmutations].
Diachronic phenomena. Migrations.  [Transient or instantaneous] aspects.
[Differences or dissimilarities]. Minima.  Turbulences.
(Directions, trends, or tendencies]. Modalities.  Unities.
Discontinuities. Modes. Universals.
Disequilibria. [Modules or cells].  Variabilities.
Divergences. Negative values.  Variables.
[Durations or lifetimes]. Niches.  Vectors.
Dynamics. Nodes. [Vergences or intersections]. 
[Enemies, antagonisms, or challenges). Nonconservations. ['Work' or ergodic aspects).