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Examples and Sources of Beauty. Analogousness. Triadic Method: 50 Virtually intra-set scaling dyads (2300 decisions)
Various [Regions, Directions, Poles] Visibly or Conjecturable [Present, Emergent, or Confused] in Primary Plot
Areolated Countermap
Implicit Mutual Analogousness of 30 Beauty Themes 


Mutual Analogousness of 12, then 6, and then only 3 'Delicacy-related Beauties' MDS Maps showing the effect of successive halvings of the original set of 24
Mutual Analogousness of 24 'Delicacy Related Beauties'. Speculative Dot-Strucutres in the Twenty Co-plots of Dimensionality 2-5
Mutual Analogousness of 46 (of 141) Examples and sources of Beauty. Speculative Dot-Strucutres in the Ten Dimensionality-5 Co-plots